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B.G. Beck

B.G. "Buddy" Beck

Industrial entrepreneur and business executive, scholar, public servant, inventor and technologist, has lived the “American dream”. Born in Southeastern Missouri into a family of modest means, his ceaseless drive, energy and work ethic, his intellectual curiosity, love of and interest in technology and a desire to make a contribution to society, have all led him to recognition as a leader in the technology industry. Mr. Beck’s most recent venture was working at the forefront of secure advanced technology identity solutions to help safeguard our country after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In 1984 he founded the first of a number of successful companies, Atlantic Systems Research & Engineering (ASR&E). The company provided cutting-edge research and engineering services and solutions to government and private industry. After five years of successful growth, ASR&E merged with Coleman Research Corp. (CRC). He continued in a senior executive role as head of advanced systems research, strategic planning and business development. His numerous accomplishments included earning three patent awards in areas of computational engineering and advanced sensors. While at Coleman he also led the company into energy and medical technology businesses. Mr. Beck’s many contributions and leadership directly contributed to CRC’s growth and expansion from 400 to 1,200 employees and recognition in l993 by Business Week as the fastest growing small, private technology company in America.

In 1995, Mr. Beck orchestrated CRC’s merger with Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE:TMO), a Fortune 500 company, where he again assumed senior executive and technology leadership roles. In 2000, he founded Trans Digital Technologies Corp. (TDT), (which was spun out of Thermo Electron Corp.), with Mr. Beck as President/CEO and majority shareholder. TDT quickly established itself as a leader in advanced technology identity solutions, including creating fraud and counterfeit resistant U.S. passports and smart-cards.

The business was acquired by Viisage Technologies, (NASDAQ: VISG), a leader in secure identity solutions. Mr. Beck was Vice-Chairman of the Board and a major shareholder of the company. Viisage Technologies became the platform for L-1 Identity Solutions, (NYSE: ID), where he continued to serve as Vice-Chairman and a member of the Board of Directors of a company that grew into a multibillion dollar corporation.

He currently sits on the boards of ten other public and private companies and serves on a number of national security boards as well as various non-profit organizations. In association with a number of Universities, he has been instrumental in the development of programs that focus on stimulating entrepreneurialism, job creation, leveraging of technology into business applications and advanced government-to-industry privatization initiatives. He currently is deeply involved with The Beck Foundation that has established research programs at a number of universities, among which the program for wounded veterans has been recognized for national awards and will improve the opportunities for all those that have given so much for America.

Upon graduating from Arkansas State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry, his interests were drawn towards technology and away from an anticipated medical career. He later earned a Master of Science Degree from the University of Southern California and was awarded a fellowship for Post Graduate Studies at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. Mr. Beck then went on to several years of distinguished and decorated military and public service. He served on the National Security Council staff in the White House during both the Ford and Carter Administrations.