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M. Siddique Sheikh

M. Siddique Sheikh

Mohammad Siddique Sheikh heads a conglomerate of wide-ranging businesses in Virginia that he has established over the last three decades. He is often cited as a classic example of the American-dream-come-true story. Educational causes have been close to his heart and he has contributed in many ways to promote quality education for students.

Among his many responsibilities, Mr. Sheikh is the President of National Tire and Auto, a successful national umbrella company. Additionally, he is an investor and board member of companies in the areas of banking, real estate, motels, and insurance. Mr. Sheikh currently serves on the Advisory Board of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) of Islamabad, Pakistan, and the Prime Minister of Pakistan appointed him to the Board of the Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF).

From a well-respected Pakistani family of entrepreneurs, Mr. Sheikh immigrated to the United States in 1969, making Virginia his home. A turning point in Mr. Sheikh’s career came in the mid-1970s, when he attended an automotive engineering degree school at Columbia Technical Institute. In a span of few years, Ford Motors Company endorsed Mr. Sheikh and he founded his own automotive service business.

During the past thirty years, Mr. Sheikh has moved up the business ladder with consistency and quality. He has contributed to welfare causes including the Rotary Club, Salvation Army, and several fellowship programs.

Mr. Sheikh is an active and successful player in Virginia’s economic development and a leading member of the local business community. His dedication to educational causes is founded in his strong interest in the well being of his fellow Virginians. He regularly interacts with State officials and leaders of educational institutions to stay current on the latest developments as well as to offer his input for advancement of education at various levels. He has served as chairman of the board at the Virginia International University.

In 1986, Mr. Sheikh founded the Pakistan American Business Association (PABA) and has served the Association as Chairman, President, and Executive Director. PABA has emerged as a leading business association of Pakistani-American businessmen and businesswomen with an international membership of more than 500 small and medium sized companies. His experience at the head of PABA has proven to be valuable in business management academics.

The work at PABA also deals with developing and strengthening business, trade, and investment opportunities between Pakistan and the United States. In recognition of his service, dedication, and leadership in bridging Pakistan and American business interests, Mr. Sheikh was one of three individuals in the U.S. nominated in 2005 for the distinguished President of Pakistan Award.

Mr. Sheikh’s services for the community has recently been recognized at another level when he was nominated by Fairfax County Police Chief Colonel Edwin Roessler to be the Chairman of newly constituted Diversity Council to organize it and set up a forum to help ensure diversified representation of different communities in County Police Department.

Mr. Sheikh lives in Prince William County with his wife, Nasreen. They have three daughters, one son, and ten grandchildren.