Board of Visitors
Board of Visitors

Tom Davis

Vice Rector
Stuart Mendelsohn

Kelly McNamara Corley

Board Members
Mahfuz Ahmed
Karen Alcalde
Stephen M. Cumbie
Kimberly O. Dennis
Claire Dwoskin
Anne Gruner
John Jacquemin
Robert F. Pence
David Petersen
Jon Peterson
Shawn Purvis
Tracy Schar
M. Siddique Sheikh

Faculty Representative
Charlene Douglas

Student Representatives
Khushboo Bhatia
Justin Van Buren

Faculty Committee Representatives
Alan Abramson
David Gallay
Larry Kerschberg
Jill Nelson
Peter Pober
Keith Renshaw
June Tangney

Faculty Committee Liaison
Edward Douthett

Board of Visitors Virginia State Seal
The Board of Visitors (BOV)
of George Mason University was created in April 1972 by an act of the General Assembly when the university became an independent institution. The board is a corporate body serving under the leadership of a rector, vice rector, and secretary. The 16 members of the board are appointed by the governor of Virginia on a rotating basis to serve four-year terms. The Faculty Senate Chair sits on the board as a nonvoting member. Two student representatives (nonvoting members) are appointed by the Board of Visitors each year at the May meeting to serve a one-year term.

Without limiting the generality of its powers, the Board of Visitors exercises its authority principally in policy-making and oversight. With the exception of meetings convened in executive session, meetings of the Board of Visitors and its committees are open to the public. The board recognizes as official observers eight faculty representatives that are elected by the faculty at-large. Two faculty representatives sit on each of the following committees: Academic Programs, Diversity, and University Community Committee, Finance and Land Use Committee, Development Committee, and Research Committee. A faculty liaison may be appointed to the Audit Committee.

BOV Information:

  • Board of Visitors Bylaws
  • Board of Visitor Meeting Schedule for 2015-2016 (Revised September 24, 2015)
  • Board of Visitor Meeting Schedule for 2016-17
  • Board Agendas, Minutes and Other Matters

  • BOV Contact:
    If you would like to contact the Board of Visitors,
    you may send an email to or call
    the Secretary, pro tem, of the Board at 703-993-8627.


    Updated: 5/25/2016